Click on “Settings”. To enable phone calls, audio streaming and Tap Control an additional pairing with the smartphone.

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Selecting Tap Select when. 1 How to wear 4. To connect Bluetooth enabled hearing aids with the myPhonak app, please follow the instructions below.

Restart the hearing aids to enable the Bluetooth pairing mode: Push and hold the lower part of the hearing aid button for 4 seconds until the light turns red, Push and hold the lower.

Take the full control of your hearing aids with myPhonak appTake full control and adjust your hearing aids to suit your individual needs. . Learn how to use myPhonak 4.

Select ‘My profile. In this video, Dr.


This user guide describes the features of myPhonak, and how those features can be operated by the user.

Learn how to use the Remote Control function with the myPhonak App. myPhonak app can be used with Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified Android™ devices supporting Bluetooth 4.

. 2 and Android OS 8.

3 Low battery warning.


Find instructions in Devices section under "STREAMING VIA BLUETOOTH".

. Nowacki will walk you through the process of connecting your Phonak hearing aids to the myPhonak app. Rechargeable models: Turn the hearing aid off by pressing the lower part of the button until the LED turns red (4 sec).

Committed to changing lives. Follow the pairing instructions. . Daily use of the PartnerMic 4. . Check if.

Find any device manual, even if it’s a previous generation.

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4 Streaming stability 4.

Pairing instructions Tap Continue and follow the instructions for your hearing aids Searching The app is searching for compatible hearing aids and will display them once they are detected.

** Pairing instructions Tap Continue and follow the.

3 Pairing the PartnerMic to hearing aids 3.

Nevertheless, Phonak hearing aids can be connected with iPhone to stream audio, answer phone calls and control your hearing aids remotely with the myPhonak app.