To view liked posts on Instagram: Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device.

. On a video, a list of every user that viewed the video is accessible to the creator of the post.

On the “Likes” page, you’ll see 300 of the most.


Go to your Instagram settings (Profile > Menu > Settings) Find the new Posts section in settings. This option will be displayed when you select to hide the number of likes on your post publicly. .


Bill Ackman recently. Tap Advanced Settings right before you make a post on Instagram, on the screen where you can write a caption. View that profile post’s.

Although there are still manual ways to access some of this information, Instagram seeks to make its users focus on what really matters: the content and the connections between them. To view the list of users, tap the number of likes displayed in black text.



If you don't see the option to hide likes, update Instagram and restart the app. Oct 7, 2019 · When a photo or video is shared on Instagram, a list of users who liked it is available to anyone.

If you don't see the option to hide likes, update Instagram and restart the app. If you have a private Instagram profile, your approved followers can see likes on your posts.

Feb 3, 2023 · To see all the posts you've liked on Instagram, just follow these simple steps: Go to your profile.
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May 18, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">Bill Ackman recently revealed a $1.

How to hide likes on your own Instagram posts.

5. All the posts that you ever liked are now available right here. .

. Tap any thumbnail to view. . . Step 3: Select Your activity.


Whenever you see someone's Instagram post on your feed and want to know from when you have been following them, there is a pretty simple way to know that. .




It’s an Instagram activity tracker that allows you to see what someone likes on Instagram, as well as which accounts they’ve followed or.

Note: If you don’t find Interactions under Your activity, go to Instagram Settings > Account > Posts You’ve liked.