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Headband measurements: 37" x 2. .

1 headband since they believe that it grants them god-like powers.

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. [Chorus] If you holdin' the headband Or soon be a deadman or in bed with a bedpan you bet man I be gunnin' for the number one I be gunnin' for the number one Son I be gunnin' for the number one I. Tropes Media Browse Indexes Forums Videos.

This is where our main protagonist of African descent comes in.

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Afro Samurai is the 4th character in the Miscellaneous roster. -----One size fits all for both youth and adults.



Afro Samurai is the titular main protagonist of the anime and manga series with the same name. 99 $ 20.

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Set in a "futuristic, yet feudal Japan," and stars a samurai named Afro for his hair.
Afro Samurai: Nothing personal.
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Afro Samurai is a guilty pleasure gore feast of flashy sword fighting and stylish villains that partake in the battle of getting the number one headband. Unlike many anime, Afro Samurai succeeds in depicting black people in a realistic way. ".

24 Pieces Japanese Headband Samurai Headband Ninja Headbands Ninja Warrior Headbands Sushi Chef Bandana for Karate Sports Cooking Kitchen Costume Supply $20. . Afro Samurai is the main protagonist of the series, who mourns for his father as a child and wears the Number Two headband on a quest to kill Justice. . you finish the job.

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After taking the life of Afro's father, Justice cast aside his Number Two headband and took the Number One to claim its godly powers as his own.


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